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We will set up a workshop within your Air Force

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 Wiring and Harnesses


Tubes & Hoses


  Non Destructive Testing


Painting and surface treatments

Western or Russian ?
New or Legacy ? 
Maintenance or A.O.G ?


Your Air Force will save time and money 

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Our package includes

Required equipment.
Raw material to start
On Job training of Manpower
Engineering services
Technical Support
Approved  suppliers
Quality guide
Work Instructions
Our engineer on the production floor
for the  the first year

1. Unit for:
Aviation Tubes & Hoses

The Schuster team will equip your air force with everything required to produce tubes for various systems quickly and efficiently.
The system will have the ability to provide tubes according to the sample as well as repair tubes on the plane without the need for disassembly.
The diameters range from 3/16 " to 2 ", and construction materials include aluminum and stainless steel.
The production package comes with two computerized bending machines, a computerized measuring arm, a machine for processing edges, dedicated software and more.


2. Unit  for Aviation Wiring and Harnesses

Why wait for wiring or harnesses?
The Schuster team will establish a workshop for the production of wiring and harnesses and will provide an immediate response to any requirement.
The team will equip the warehouse with all the necessary equipment, including dedicated software, testing and production facilities for the following activities:
* Potting & Molding
* Cables for Dynamic
* High Complex Harnesses 


3. Unit  for:  Non Destructive Testing

The Shuster team will set up a total non-destructive set up which uses non-destructive testing techniques, equipment and analysis to examine materials and components before they are used, with the following tests:
•    Fluorescent Penetrate Inspection
•    Magnetic particle inspection
•    Digital Radiography



4. Unit for
Painting and surface treatments

The Schuster team will set up a complete aviation painting factory for you. Treating the surface of metal components not only improves its aesthetic appearance, it also provides additional benefits. Applying a coating on top can also protect the component from corrosion caused by environmental conditions or chemicals that may be encountered.

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