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Meet The Team


Yuval Schuster

Super Power:

Aviation industrialist

Since 1973 when he first welded an aviation tube, Mr. Schuster has been busy working in the field of aviation parts.
Mr. Shuster is the first person to establish a factory for aviation tubes in the private sector in India, from a "green field" to a team of 122 employees who supply mainly to the European market and the US market.
Today, every new plane manufactured by Boeing and Airbus is equipped with at least one tubes made by the factory that Mr. Schuster established.
In addition, Mr. Schuster left his mark on aircraft improvement projects in various countries of South America and Europe.
Mr. Schuster has an education in the technical field and graduated from Tel Aviv University's business administration .


Prerana Jain

Super Power:

International business development

Prerana, our aerospace business development professional, holds a BTech in Aerospace Engineering and boasts a global perspective with experience spanning the USA, Europe, India, UAE, Israel, and Africa. Her strong presentation and communication skills, coupled with a customer-centric approach, ensure that client satisfaction is not just a goal but a commitment. Beyond her technical prowess, Prerana's dedication extends to personalized customer care, going above and beyond working hours. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for exceeding expectations, she plays a pivotal role in our team, driving success in the dynamic and competitive aerospace industry.


Arun Nehru Subramani

Super Power:

Active NADCAP auditor

Mr Arun is PRI Lead Auditor for NADCAP, NUCAP & TPG and PRI approved educator.

Mr Arun bring 15 years vast worldwide Auditing, Consulting & Training experience in more than 20 countries

including 4 continents – Asia, North America, Europe & Africa.

I’m in the business of Auditing, Consulting & Training for different industries like Aerospace,

Defense, Transportation, Power Generation, Automotive, General Engineering Industries,

Construction and Fabrication.

Provide the best consulting services in the areas of QMS (AS9100, ISO 9001) & NADCAP

accreditations for Aerospace and Transportation & Power Generation (TPG) industries on a


Glaser Michael

Super Power:

Development wiring and harnesses

Mr Glaser Worked in the Israeli Air Force Industry (IAI TAMAM) in manufacturing
harnesses for military systems, specifically for the “Lavi” (Israel aircraft) plane.
Founded the model manufacturing department and customer service department. Mr Glaser served as the manager of the technical
service department, during which he gave training lectures in Israel, Turkey, Romania,
Croatia, India and more.
In the last decade Mr Glaser founded the harness manufacturing department in India that made
cables for tracking stations of drone’s UAV and different cables for Israeli and Indian
All the data and designs for cables for drone’s UAV, ships and armored vehicles were
made by me while coordinating with customers in Israel and abroad.


Moshe Graf

Super Power:

Coatings & Painting

Mr, Graf brings with him four decades of rich experience in Development of coatings resistant to corrosive liquids and gases. Military industry - central laboratory. Mr, Graf served as a department manager for coatings, paints, adhesives, sealants and processes for protection against corrosion. director of an office for testing and consulting in the fields of field treatments, defense against corrosion, painting, metallic coatings, quality assurance according to ISO 9001, fault analysis, tutorials, etc.
Education: Masters Degree in Materials Engineering





Super Power:

Non Destructive Testing

Mr, Jayaram brings with him more than 24 years of experience in the field of Special Process(NDT Inspection, Welding Inspection).

• Hands on experience in working on Storage tanks Projects, Cross Country PipeLine Project, Plant Inspection,

Structural Inspection, Hydro Power Projects, Thermal Power projects installation’s and Spheres TPI & NDT &

Welding Execution & Inspection.

• Worked in a multicultural environment.

• Experience in documentation activities of projects with respect to Aerospace and Non Aerospace sector.

• Knowledge of ASME Sec-V & Sec-Viii, Sec-IX, API-1104, AWS-D1.1, AWS D17.1, AWS D17.2 with customer

and International Specs

• Hands on experience in performing FPI, MPI, RT,UT,VT, Welding Inspection as per Aerospace Standards and

Specifications and Non Aerospace Standards and Specifications.

• Experience in handling NADCAP, Certification & Customer audits for NDT and Special Process


Sathyanarayanan S

Super Power:

Aviation Welding

Mr, Sathyanarayanan S brings with him 12 Years experience in Aerospace industry worked in various functions

including Operation Management , Quality Management ( NADCAP, AS9100 , DCMA, CEMILAC )Program Management and wide knowledge in Special process. Worked with customer like P&W , GE , Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, Crane Aerospace, Rolls Royce , Meggit, HAL, IAI , ISRO etc.
Education: P. Engineer (System Engineer) & Business Administration (Management & Marketing)


Peter Stonefield

Super Power:


Strategic Partner

Peter is an Aerospace Engineer with over 35 years of experience in Commercial and Military aviation.  He is also an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (FAA-DER) and one of the few with the authority to approve Repair Specifications as an RS-DER for multi-use repairs / modifications / alterations for commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, engines, APUs and associated components under Part 23, 25, 27 and 29. He is well-versed in Regulatory Compliance (FAA, EASA, CAAC, etc.) and can help with all of your Regulatory and Engineering needs including Repair Station Certification, Repair Station Rescue, Repair Development (DER/RS-DER) Approvals,  Supplemental Type Certification (STC) Activities; Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Activities;  and Other Relevant Activities in support of your local or global aviation operations.  So if you are a Manufacturer, Operator, Repair Station or interested in becoming one then Peter is here to help you with your next aviation venture! 

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